Insider 11/3/2010 Part I

November 3rd is here, and I am officially behind.

Now I might not have had a chance to start painting due to Halloween, work, and that pesky human need to sleep, but I believe getting into the mindset is important to keep myself on schedule. Over the weekend I managed to finish assembling my 100-point monstrosity and figured out my painting scheme. The easy route would be to use mostly metals and dip the things, but I decided I hate free time and selected to go with white armor. After finishing a test model yesterday, I can rate the scheme 3 out of 5 mason jars filled with tears of frustration.

Because it is the first week of the challenge, I do not have painted models to show. All I can show is my assembled and mostly primed army.

Now you might notice a few models missing: one Cinerator whose arm I broke, one Exemplar Knight whose arm I broke, and finally, Epic Kreoss who I broke entirely. Additionally, you will see that none of my Seneschals have back banners, and there is a very good reason why. I broke off all of them. Having a very long history with Skorne I just felt it was time to do something without back banners.

I would like to give a huge thanks to all the people who have contacted me with helpful tips and words of encouragement. The responses I received through email, phone, and the forums tell me I picked a good army for the Impossible Dream…and that I have questionable sanity. I really don’t know if I will successfully paint 100 points over the next month, but I do promise to make the next 30 days as entertaining as possible.