Insider 11/12/2010

The saying goes that madness is like gravity: all it needs is a little push. If that is the case, a linebacker slammed me off a cliff.

The great painting adventure has now been underway for over a week, and keeping with the theme of Impossible Dream, I am extremely behind schedule. When working on a large project such as this, I prefer the assembly line technique. Because of this, I have very little to show, as my army is currently half base-coated. However, I did finish one unit of Knights Exemplar to test out the color scheme so I could show you all what I am working toward.

The color scheme is for the Interdiction of the Covenant, which is part of the Northern Crusade based in Leryn. No Quarter #28 has an awesome painting guide for this scheme by Todd Arrington, and I have been anxious to try it out ever since I first saw it. I still have some detailing to figure out, but on the table and in action, this force looks great.

Speaking of table action, I had the chance to take my new Knights out for a spin in some staff-on-staff action last week and made a good showing for myself. While I lost my first game to Jack and his Dire Troll rabble, I rallied to beat Jacob’s Cryx and finished the day with a win against Jen’s freshly painted Siege list.

I know this is the second week, and my painting table is starting to look like a pillory, but actually playing with the models gave me a much-needed second wind. It was a great reminder I am doing this because I enjoy playing the game. Participating in this challenge is a way to spread glory from the game table to the painting table.