Insider 11-9-2016

In just a couple of months, the first Active Duty Roster (ADR) since the release of the new editions of WARMACHINE and HORDES will update. This rotation will usher in a new group of ’casters for Masters and Champions players to consider as they prepare for the tournament season leading up to Lock & Load GameFest 2017.

The warcasters that end up on each Faction’s ADR are primarily derived from uncommon ’caster pairings we identified using previous tournament data. We’re still early into the new editions, so tournament data thus far is limited, but we think that the new ADR selections will shake up Masters and Champions play, even with many members of the previous season’s roster remaining in place.

Although the Season 5 ADR isn’t tournament legal until January 1, 2017, we’re still presenting all of the upcoming changes now. We can’t wait to see what effects the Season 5 ADR, combined with the January errata update, will have on the competitive meta.