Insider 11-29-2010

The infantry are done!

Well, almost. Despite a few hours of basing ahead of me, the infantry are looking pretty good, and they’ve got an acceptable paintjob for the tabletop. I want to give this army a nice winter look to represent the cold Motherland! The bases will be done in a dark soil with snow flock. This should help the red and metals of the army really pop out against the neutral bases, as well as give the army a nice consistent base.

This Thanksgiving weekend I worked on the big guns! I put away the nice, happy looking infantry, and I am now stared down 13 warjacks: Drago and 12 Berserkers based on the Drago miniature. I did the standard studio paint scheme of red, some black with bronze, and silver detailing. Identification may be an issue, so if all goes to plan, I am hoping to put a number over each Berserker’s head in the Khador font. Looking down at the 13 Berserkers was a little daunting, given I had to paint 26 axes, 52 smokes stacks, 104 spikes, and what must be at least 2,600 rivets.

With the four-day Thanksgiving weekend behind me and the nourishing power of orphan turkey dinners, I feel I should be able to kick through what little remains of the force without any significant problem. I think this project is in the can!