Insider 11-23-2016

I get to hear about a lot of WARMACHINE and HORDES events taking place worldwide, and this time of year is my favorite one for all the upcoming charitable events. I get to hear about how many of our players are working to do good in the world. Two weeks ago, Jackson talked about the Foodmachine charity tournaments running in November and December. Now I’d like to talk about another type of event that is very personal to me: the Breast Cancer Brawl.

Breast Cancer Brawls focus on raising money for breast cancer awareness and research. These events can take any form, but most tend to be Steamroller tournaments, and they can be organized for any time of the year. Almost everyone knows someone in their life that has been touched by this disease, and in the past several years three people extremely close to me have fought with it. In Mark II, Privateer Press created special cards for those participating in these events, and when the new editions of WARMACHINE and HORDES came out we wanted to make sure we kept the tradition.

With the new edition, we have a new set of casters, too! Each Faction has a warcaster or warlock with a set of variant cards for players participating in a Breast Cancer Brawl. Each warcaster and warlock from the new Battlegroup Starter boxes has variant pink cards for this event, and they are accompanied by General Ossrum, Forge Master Syntherion, and Helga the Conqueror.

One of the fondest memories I have of WARMACHINE and HORDES is of the painting competition held at the Breast Cancer Brawl in Fort Wayne, Indiana in 2014. The twist? You got bonus points for incorporating pink as a primary color into your model as part of the paint job. While I am only a modestly skilled painter, I was determined to push myself to paint up a model. It didn’t take long for me to decide on one of the strongest women in the Iron Kingdoms, Captain Victoria Haley. While I didn’t win (or even place), my pink Haley became one of my favorite models, and I regularly included her on the tabletop, even though she clashed with most of my models.

When I first saw Dallas Kemp painting the new sculpt for Captain Victoria Haley, I realized that I wanted to keep that special place in my army. I’ve nurtured my painting talents a bit in the past year, and this new sculpt was a blank canvas, one to keep my personal statement of support for my friends and family active. I worked to incorporate my normal army colors into her armor, keeping her cloth the same type of rich pink I used in my previous model. I am rather proud of the good captain, who is ready to do battle both on the battlefield and against cancer.

Painting has always been a very quiet, introspective process for me. Anyone at Privateer will tell you that I am an energetic person, but painting slows me down and makes me think. As I sketched in details on the pink of the cloth, I found myself reflecting on my friends who had fought cancer—the times we cried together, their struggles through medications, and the quiet battle that was going on with each of them. The Breast Cancer Brawl will always be special to me, because when I was feeling frustrated and powerless to help my friends . . .I could take up dice and fight back. For me it is more than a good cause—it’s a very tangible way to support my loved ones.

Make sure to reach out to your local game stores or clubs and see if they’re interested in organizing an event. You can let us know by contacting us at