Insider 11-22-2016: Black Friday and Holiday Sales

If you’re like me, you get blindsided by the holidays every year. The past year has been a whirlwind of activity for us at Privateer Press, with many events and major product releases. And by the time Halloween has come and gone, we’re usually only thinking about next year’s convention schedule. But as has become the tradition of the season, we like to herald the coming of the end of the year with some great deals that you won’t find anywhere else.

My personal favorite this year is the special we’re running on the WARMACHINE and HORDES Collector’s Editions. These bookends are heavy enough to crush a shredder or troll whelp with ease, so they’re more than capable of supporting your prized book collection, and they’ll do it in style. Plus, nothing looks better standing next to them than our Masterworks statue of Captain Victoria Haley, which is a steal at half off.

If you’re a pin collector or are just looking for that unique piece of bling to show off your Faction pride, all our pins are 25% off their normal price. (That Snow Troll looks adorable next to Chibi Agathia. Who cares if they're from different Factions? The holidays bring everyone together!)

If you think the Snow Troll is irresistible, check out our Faction bundles. Each one comes with the Snow Troll pin and a faction specific Heavy Warbeast/Warjack pin while supplies last. They also include an exclusive pair of dice as an added bonus! It’s a great starting point if you’re thinking about trying out a new Faction or want to get some friends or loved ones started on armies of their own. And there are board game bundles so sweet you’ll be tempted to build another shelf in your game closet.

Skull Island eXpeditions has a bit o’ holiday cheer of its own: when you buy a print copy of select Skull Island books (Mark of Caine, Black Dogs, Flashpoint, The Blood of Kings, and Tales of the Invisible Hand), you get the digital copy for free! Of course, we bear no responsibility if you spend your entire holiday wandering fantastic worlds in our novels instead of socializing with your friends and family…

From stocking stuffers to that one big gift under the tree, we’ve got your holiday wishlist covered. In fact, you should share your wishlist from our new online store with your favorite Santa if you want to make the holiday shopping experience a little easier. We gamers have specific tastes, and everyone can use a little help during the holidays. Hopefully our Black Friday deals will do just that for you!