Insider 11-17-2010

Only 38 points to go.

10 Invictors, 5 custom built Destors, 2 Invictor UAs, a Hydra, a Manticore. It sounds so easy.

Yet there are always obstacles. The child is teething, there are plenty of irons in the fire here at Privateer Press, and, perhaps most devastating of all, Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

Sure, I like National Turkey Day as much as the next guy, and in what is fast becoming Seattle Thanksgiving Tradition, I will be heading down south to spend four relaxing days by the ocean. I’m not going to think about work, responsibilities, or painting. Four days, plus all the extra incidental time lost, really means I have about five days to finish this challenge. Can it be done? Will my Thanksgiving be filled with the hearty joy of a challenge successfully made, accepted, and defeated? Or will I be forced to drown the sorrows of failure in copious amounts of turkey, potatoes, and pie?

Only time will tell!