Insider 11-16-2010

Halfway point…

I’m at the midpoint of the challenge, and so far, it’s all going to plan.

The first thing I did was basecoat the entire army. Starting with white for the minis that were primarily red and black for the models that were going to be darker tones. I decided I wanted to go with a traditional color scheme for this army.

After everything was base-coated entirely in the correct color, I jumped right into the infantry. The plan is to have all the infantry done at the end of week two, so I can have two weeks to work through the warjacks at a nice pace. Just looking at all those Drago Berzerkers was giving me nightmares.

This week has gone pretty well. I’ve gone over all the details for the two units of Ironfangs, which are now ready to be inked. Vlad and the Mechanicks are ready to be based, and the wardog just needs a few detail passes to put him in the same spot. Currently, I’m focusing on getting through the Greylords, and I’m hoping to finish up the infantry by applying the final touches to the Great Bears.

I’ve included a Kris Aubin’s Patented Army Painting Progress Chart™ below to show you how things are progressing overall.

This past week, I managed to bring out Vlad for a 35-point game against Chris Ross, our IT guy. He was shocked when I put down Vlad, 6 Berserkers and the Great Bears. Lucky for me, I realized after deployment I was actually 5 points short and Chris graciously let me put down a seventh Berserker…

This was my first time using this force, and I was really into the idea of running 7 heavy warjacks up the field towards Kara Sloan, her handful of pitiful warjacks, and the trembling trenchers who accompanied her. Popping Vlad’s feat was by far the most fun I’ve had in awhile. Seven warjacks running straight into combat was perhaps not the best idea, but it certainly made a statement. Unfortunately for me, Chris used his two Cyclones to two-handed throw my Berserkers around with great effect, but there were just so many, it felt like it didn’t matter. The game ended up in Chris’ favor as Kara Sloan and her Defender managed to inflict a large amount of damage on Vlad and win the day. I was well aware of the flaw in my plan, or lack of a plan, and that it cost me the day. In the end, though, all Chris’ trenchers had been chewed to bits, and all his warjacks were in pretty bad shape. On the other hand, I was down only one Berserker and only one was pretty beat up. I am not really the type of player who wants to win at WARMACHINE. I just want to see a lot of carnage. In the end, I had fun and accomplished what I set out to do: kill little mans.

I am looking forward to seeing the entire 100 points on the table, fully painted, rolling over my other 100-point challengers.

More next week!