Insider 11-10-2016

Since joining Privateer Press, I’ve eagerly championed community interaction and promotion, especially the amazing acts of charity all of you do for others. And one of the biggest community-driven events around the world, Foodmachine, merits the spotlight today.

Foodmachine is an event in which the goal is bring in as many donations and canned foods as possible while getting to break the rules of a regular game of WARMACHINE and HORDES. The more you bring in, the more antics you can perform. You could get to use an out-of-Faction ’caster, use another ’caster’s feat, or even modify your model’s rules. It’s downright zany. Events organizers often hold raffles, auctions, and a host of other side events that are a blast to contribute to.

This year, I participated in Foodmachine in a different way. Buffalo, New York, historically has the biggest event, which has been run by Press Ganger Adam Vogel for the past few years. I got to help paint models Privateer Press donated for the event. Painting a Scarsfell Griffon for an Una 2 army was pure joy. I did my best to make it look brilliant, but more important, it’s going to a great cause. Few things are better than that.

(Models painted by James A, William Shick, Dallas, Archer, Oz, Jack, Jackson, Matt Goetz, and Matt R.)

Just look at that army. I couldn’t be more impressed. We all got together to paint these models for an event where you all help kick hunger to the curb. Not in the teeth, though—those are needed for eating.

Bill McKibbin, another phenomenal Press Ganger, is at the core of organizing Foodmachine. Every year, Bill has done amazing things out in Flint, Michigan. If you need inspiration, I’ve attached the updated Foodmachine “menu” from this year. Do what suits your needs. Aggressively fight hunger like a warbeast with Primal and participate in Foodmachine. If you can’t go to a Foodmachine event, then compete in another charity event. My fondest gaming memories are of games played to benefit others. Winning is important, but every game you play is an even bigger victory for those in need.

“Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” – Ian MacLaren

Food Machine 2016 Cheat Menu (.pdf) (448KB)