Insider 11-1-2016

This is one of my favorite times of the year, and it leads up to one of my favorite shows of the year, WARMACHINE Weekend , which takes place right in my hometown of St. Louis! This event holds a special place in my heart for several reasons: I did my first interview with Privateer Press at WARMACHINE Weekend four years ago, and I get to see lots of friends there, from my hometown gaming group to buddies from across the country (those OK guys better not forget the BBQ sauce!).

This year’s show is all the more special with our release of the limited edition collector’s boxes for a few lesser warlocks (and one solo) who have now become full-fledged warlocks: Horgle, the Anvil; Una the Skyhunter; Lord Tyrant Zaadesh; and Fyanna, Torment of Everblight! I was fortunate enough to work on the new models for both Una and Fyanna.

As a Legion of Everblight player, I was really excited when I found out it was time to promote these characters to full warlocks. I had no idea what Fyanna 2 would be capable of just yet, but I knew I wanted to contribute to this version of her, especially after seeing the concept art by Roberto Cirillo that art director Mike Vaillancourt passed down to me for sculpting.

I particularly like the continued effect of the blight on Fyanna’s physique; she is just a little more twisted than her previous version—and just a little more deadly! When discussing her look, we decided we wanted a strong, broad upper body, plus I knew I wanted to capture a bit of beauty in her monstrous form by giving her appealing facial features alongside the effects of blight. In some way, I intended for her to look and feel like a sister to Absylonia.

As a player, I am excited about the kind of play style Fyanna will lend herself to; her fast casting skills plus her Chain Strike make for a great threat range. She also offers an interesting list of spells and abilities that really allow players to bring a mix of beasts and infantry. Imagine the possibilities if she were heading up an army that included the Blighted Nyss Warlord, available on pre-release at WARMACHINE weekend! What if she were casting Fury on that Warlord or an Angelius? Oh, I can hear the sweet suffering of my opponents already!

I probably should get back to painting Fyanna and these Blighted Nyss Warlords so I can throw down at WARMACHINE Weekend. This is the year I snap my losing streak! Though I am still preparing Fyanna for her big debut, it seems only fair to at least share a 3-D render of her. (This is a near-final version, as I know digital engineer Nathan Lombardi made a few tweaks to get her just right before sending her off to production.)

Hope you enjoy Fyanna, and come say hi at WARMACHINE Weekend, November 4–6!