Insider 10/29/2010

Impossible Dream! That title is pretty accurate. The task of assembling and painting a 100-point army in a month is a daunting task. The point limit is not all that imposing, but the timeline is something to be respected! However, it can be done with diligence and grit. Like any good competition, I plan on tackling this with gumption!

I’ve participated in a number of painting challenges in the past. I’m a seasoned veteran of fingers encrusted in glue, blurred vision, neck cramps, and late night quests to locate a replacement pot of paint. Painting challenges can be grueling endurance tests that usually include actual blood, sweat, and tears. Trust me, I know!

Its all fun and games in the beginning: thinking about how big the army can be, outdoing your opponents, and making snide remarks to throw them off their game. But you have to keep your hopes up and stay determined because half way through you’ll realize just how much work and time you have to invest! Your fellow challengers now become brothers in arms. They’re your life-blood. You go to each other for inspiration and words of encouragement. You can’t let anyone slip behind. If you see one comrade failing, you have to pick him up and keep him painting.

However, great challenges come with great rewards. At the end of the journey, if you stay true to the competition, you end up with a large, fully painted army! You can sit back in solemn pride knowing you have accomplished something great. The fact it was done in such a short amount of time should only add to your triumph.

That is the truth of the painting challenge, but like any battle, you can acquire victory through well-chosen strategies and dedication. So let’s get down to business.

Kris Aubin’s Patented Three-Step System™: Painting Challenges

Know Your Aces!:

You have to go into a painting challenge knowing exactly what you are good at. Stick to what you know. Stay within your means. Choose an army that will be fun and easy to assemble. Stick with a painting method you are good at and won’t bog you down. Have a clear plan of attack with all your supplies readily available.


Like any project, you are going to have to manage your time. Break down your time period into weekly goals, divided into daily tasks. For example, I want to have the entire army built and ready for priming at the end of a week. Each day I have set aside a number of hours, and I know what has to be built by the end of the evening.


After hours and hours of painting, you will inevitably need to remove yourself from the process to recharge your mental resolve. Short breaks involving comfort items are necessary. I turn to the local coffee shop, cartoons about families of super scientist and butterfly villains, and brisk neighborhood walks. Take yourself away from the process just for a short time. Recharge your battery while planning the next step in the project.

Now its time to start planning what I will be building: something Khador. Stay tuned for the next installment.

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