Insider 10/28/2010

The challenge has been made! Now the mad dash to prepare for a month of painting begins.

I’ve chosen to do 100 points of Retribution models that are currently sitting in pieces in my garage. For over a year, they have sat in silent judgment of my failure to assemble them much less choose an impressive color scheme to allow them to mete out vengeance in style. Below, you can see a picture of the 100 points I’ve decided to work on this month. At over 70 models, it is an ambitious project. However, with the right paint plan, I am fairly confident I can reach that most impossible of dreams.

Retribution of Scyrah

You can also see from the photo the first hurdle every Privateer staffer must overcome when assembling his or her models. We don’t typically get bulk orders in individual packaging, and those clamshells can fit a lot of metal. This makes trying to piece things together a bit like a diabolical jigsaw puzzle. However, continuing with the “can-do” attitude of the day, I have every confidence that this mishmash of bare metal will be assembled and primed in time.

Til’ then.