Insider 10/27/2010

When I first learned of the Impossible Dream challenge, I leapt at the opportunity to participate. “This is the chance to finally make that Kreoss force I have had on the back burner for years,” said my plucky and annoying inner monologue voice. My enthusiasm lasted for a good 24 hours before the reality of the task (that I volunteered for) hit me. My positive outlook was dampened as I slowly realized what I had gotten myself into.

So I went about creating an army list for my 100-point monstrosity. The Knights Exemplar have always been one of my favorite sculpts, and I decided to make an Epic Kreoss Theme Force so I could bring a large number of them to the table. Here is my final list:

The Protectorate of Menoth

  • Epic Kreoss
  • X2 Templar
  • Fire of Salvation
  • Devout
  • X6 Knights Exemplar
  • Full Errant Exemplar with Unit Attachment
  • Full Cinerators
  • Full Bastions
  • Rhoven and Honor Guard
  • X2 Errant Seneschal
  • X3 Knight Seneschal
  • Gravus
  • Vassal Mechanik

The model count is 75, which on paper didn’t seem that much. However, as I organized the metal, I really started to question my choice. After counting the 110 Exemplar shoulders, I was convinced that completing this challenge would be a triumph of the human spirit. Over the next month, I hope you enjoy the coverage of the Impossible Dream as the end of November and my sanity draws closer with each passing day.