Insider 10/26/2010

When Will said “painting challenge,” it was tough to resist. Paint 100 points in a month, you say? Blog about it every week, you say? Easy. I just had to settle on a faction.

Initially, I came up with a Butcher list with 29 models. Low model count, lots of heavy hitters, and it was a Tier 3 Theme Force. It’s an army that caught my interest from an aesthetic and game play point of view shortly after Forces of WARMACHINE: Khador released. However, a few weeks ago, I built Triumph, along with a second Siege Brisbane model I had picked up along the way. The first one was painted about five years ago, and the paint job is horrid. I’ve thought about repainting him for more than two years now. That got me thinking; and I built a Tier 4 Brisbane Theme Force.

I shared each list with a friend (without mentioning the painting challenge) and got a favorable response to Siege’s list. After waffling over a weekend, a decision was made via random die roll: 1-3 for Siege, 4-6 Butcher. Rolling a 3 sealed my fate. It’s back to Cygnar, the army that brought me into the WARMACHINE fold in 2005. Time for me to paint up 100 points for the Electric Blues!

Army Name: Under Siege


Tier 4: The Big Guns
100+5 points, 45 models

  • Major Markus “Siege” Brisbane +5 points
  • * 4x Defender 9 points each
  • * 2x Grenadier 5 points each
  • * Triumph 11 points
  • Journeyman Warcaster 3 points
  • * Defender 9 points
  • Captain Maxwell Finn 3 points
  • Trencher Cannon Crew 3 points
  • Trencher Cannon Crew 3 points
  • Trencher Chain Gun Crew 2 points
  • 10 Trencher Commandos 9 points
  • 10 Trencher Commandos 9 points
  • * 3 Trencher Commando Scattergunners 3 points
  • 3x Trencher Master Gunner 2 points each

My plan of attack is simple. Start out with Triumph and Siege, as they’ll set the tone for this force. They’re also going to require the greatest amount of detail, so I’ll want to paint them early on. The Commandos and Scattergunners will get painted in one go—after the 40+ Dawnguard models I painted, how bad could these be? Yeah, ask me near the end of this ordeal.

After surviving the trooper models, I’ll paint 4 Defenders and the 2 Grenadiers. ’Jacks paint up pretty fast for me, and my Cygnar color scheme is pretty conducive to warjacks. Finn, Junior, and Defender No. 5 will get painted together, probably after the ’jacks are done. That will leave the 2 Cannon Crews, Chain Gun Crew, and 2 Master Gunners. Easy as pie.

If my brains aren’t leaking out of my ears by the time I get through those 45 models, I’ve got a bonus model planned: Capt. Kara Sloan. Part of the reasoning behind Siege’s warjack loadout (aside from the fact I find it funny) is because it’s very close to the loadout Sloan had in the story in Forces of WARMACHINE: Cygnar. I don’t want to get too far ahead of myself, but I’ve wanted to get Sloan painted up since she came out.