Insider 10/25/2010

I’ve been an avid player of tabletop miniatures games for nearly 15 years.

It sounds crazy to say, but that is more then half the time I’ve been alive. During that time, I’ve painted a lot of models, but I’ve collected a whole lot more. One look at the boxes marked “Models” in my garage would tell you the models I paint and play with are an elite group in the vast scheme of my collection. I have Sea Dog blisters from when they were originally released waiting for the glorious day when paint shall be lovingly applied to them and they will become the final four members of my Fiona’s cultist unit. That’s just one example of hundreds.

I’ve always loved painting and modeling as much—if not more—than actually sitting down and playing games. I don’t play an instrument, I can’t draw, I don’t build masterworks out of wood or steel, but I can paint a damn fine miniature. It is my major creative outlet, and there is nothing more satisfying than taking your fully painted force to the table and breaking some faces with it.

Unfortunately, life often rears its ugly head and devours my much-beloved painting time. Balancing a full time job, wife, friends, and now a 10-month old child doesn’t leave me with as much me time as I would like. I will be honest; sometimes I’m my own worst enemy. Recently, Halo: Reach has stolen me away from my painting table, leaving the primed and unfinished miniatures upon it to sit and stare. Their cold eyes judge me, letting the guilt of ignoring them eat away at the back of my brain.

Well, no longer.

I present to you the IMPOSSIBLE DREAM challenge. I have resolved to paint a 100-point army in four weeks. Yes that’s right, 100 points fully painted in a single month. Impossible, you say? Maybe. But I love a good challenge. As I found out when I revealed my insane plan to my fellow staffers this morning, the gleam of caffeine and insanity glinting in my eyes, some of them do too.

So I have convinced our Community Manager and Insider blog overseer to dedicate November as IMPOSSIBLE DREAM month. Each week, those of us who have taken up the IMPOSSIBLE DREAM challenge will write about our progress, and of course show plenty of pictures. Who will rise to the challenge to achieve everlasting glory with the paintbrush? Who will claim the IMPOSSIBLE DREAM crown and who will be left broken in body and soul from the grueling task ahead? Only time will truly tell, and I’m giving you a front row seat.

Don’t think the IMPOSSIBLE DREAM challenge is just for you to watch. I am inviting all of you who think you have what it takes to join us on this awesome challenge. Post your own updates in the IMPOSSIBLE DREAM Challenge thread in the Modeling and Painting section on our forums and show your painting mettle!

‘Til Next Time!