Insider 10/22/2010

I had trouble thinking of a single topic that would make a good Privateer Insider blog.

Some of the topics I’d like to cover in depth are still confidential, while others just weren’t particularly meaty enough for a full blog. In the absence of a single, solid topic of blog-worthiness, I’ve elected to introduce you to the blog shotgun, a blast of random micro-blogs.


This week marks a noteworthy milestone at Privateer Press. We just passed off the final development files to editing for all models in the next book release, WARMACHINE: Wrath. After weeks of initial development, months of internal playtesting, and months of external playtesting (with continued internal playtesting), development was ready to hand things over to the next step in the process. Some of you may remember a Privateer Insider that I wrote back in May explaining the way lead times affect our products and about how those lead times are often much more significant than one might realize from the outside looking in. That bears repeating since some of the models I’m calling “done” won’t be reaching store shelves for approximately 14 months.


I’ve received a number of playtest feedback submissions for the Uniherd playtest tryouts. So I want to send a heartfelt “Thanks!” out to the player groups who have taken part in the playtest and given me potential playtest groups to consider. If you would still like your own playtest group to be considered, act fast! Now that the WARMACHINE: Wrath external playtest cycle is closed, we’ve already begun internal playtesting for the next book. This means that the next external playtest cycle is just around the corner.


I’m about to head out to my final convention for 2010. As best I remember, this makes 7: TempleCon, AdeptiCon, MonCon, ComicCon, Gen Con, PAX Prime, and WARMACHINE Weekend. By the time you read this, I’ll be back from a weekend jam packed with Warmachine goodness and retired from a year packed with conventions around the nation. So I’d like to take a moment to bid farewell to the 2010 convention tour.


Last but not least, I’d like to take a moment to promote the new Monsterpocalypse 2-player starters. I’m really happy with how well this product turned out, and I think it’s a great way to introduce new minis gamers to Monsterpocalypse even if they’re not fans of collectible games. I also view this as a good means to introduce board gamers or video gamers to miniatures gaming. With 2 monsters (along with their 2 hyper forms), 26 units that match those monsters’ factions, 9 buildings, 2 health trackers, and 48 dice, these starter sets have everything players need to get going. I know I’ll be picking up a few for friends and relatives who aren’t into collectible games but are sure to enjoy some Monsterpocalypse.

I Call Shotgun,