Insider 10/15/2010

I feel like I’m flagellating a deceased equine whenever I talk about how much I like our player community, but the fact of the matter is our players and fans are pretty amazing.

When I first started playing WARMACHINE in 2005, I was pleasantly surprised at the generosity of the players in Boise. As I became more active on the Privateer Press forums, I noticed threads about holiday miniature exchanges in the painting forum. Once I joined the ranks of the Press Gang, there were painted model exchanges between PGs all across the globe.

Pretty freakin’ cool.

When I work on painting and modeling projects, I like to come up with goofy names for them. I blame PG_Gdaybloke for this. He’s given his projects nicknames, and I admit it, I enjoy confusing him with the names I come up with for my projects (Project Rambunctious Wallaby comes to mind).
If you stick with this hobby for any amount of time, you’re likely to end up with an excess of models. That’s how Project Rambunctious Wallaby and Project Shiba were born.

I was supposed to attend TempleCon 2010, but when the money gods conspired against me, I had to cancel the trip. This was supposed to be my first time meeting Gdaybloke, MenothJohn, and the Lost Hemisphere crew. Gday had been working feverishly to get his Retribution force painted for the convention, and Dicewraith and I decided to help him out. The trick was keeping it a surprise while being fairly open about the fact shenanigans were afoot.

Long story short, we followed Gdaybloke’s paint scheme and sent him some reinforcements in time for TempleCon: a unit of Stormfall Archers from me and a very angry Soulless from Dicewraith.

Project Shiba is a gift for a good friend that came from a discussion about a Highborn list with Ashlynn d’Elysse as the warcaster. Since I love painting ’jacks and had some conversions in mind, this project was an absolute joy to work on.

I asked my buddy about a preferred color scheme, and the answer was purple and white. Beaten Purple is a great choice for a force centered on the Llaelese Resistance, and I opted for Hammerfall Khaki as the complementary color. The original idea had been to keep it a secret until it was ready for delivery, but I was pretty happy with the way the models were turning out and sent work-in-progress shots.

The Ashlynn model I used was converted by PPS_Adam of Frontdesk fame. It was an absolute joy to paint. It’s one of my favorite conversions by Adam, and I’m extremely grateful he was willing to part with it. The Vanguard conversion was blatantly stolen from PG_Devilsquid’s Thornguard conversion and had been sitting in my bits box for about a year. I added a flag from Grand Exemplar Kreoss and did the halberd differently than DS. The Nomad was a conversion I did earlier this year that involved adding the right arm from an Ironclad to give the sword a different angle. I liked the look of the Ironclad’s boiler and slapped one on as well. Sadly, there is no conversion work on the Mangler, but I’m pretty happy with the paint job.

Now I’m not saying you should take your entire army and just give it to someone unless it’s something you really want to do. What I will say is that it’s a lot of fun to give someone a model you know they’ll appreciate – especially if it’s helping a player try a different faction or play style. Project Shiba is going to a good home for exactly this reason.

In other instances, though, it might be hilarious to paint up numerous Gun Mage Captain Adepts and mail them to someone who may or may not need them. Not that I’d advocate that sort of thing. I just think it could be funny. ☺