Insider 10/14/2010

It occurred to me that for years now all my painted miniatures have lived their full lives packed in piles of miniature cases.

This last week, I made the decision to build a wooden bookcase for displaying my minis. I will have this bookcase up in my game room with my collections ready for battle. I have a room in my house fully dedicated to gaming, terrain making, and painting.

I did not want any glass or Plexiglas covering the minis case because it makes them harder to see, it’s expensive, and a huge sheet of breakable glass stresses me out. No to mention the extra room needed to open it. I made the shelves at eye level and below, with 6 inches of space between them. The uppermost and the few at the bottom I made a little bigger for storage, as they are not conducive for showing off minis.

The board you see along the back top shelf is secured to the wall with screws, bracing it for extra support. This is so the case stays upright in case of an earthquake or accidents. Now that the bookcase is up in my room, I might go through and add little balsa wood strips at the front edge of the shelves for added earthquake proofing. I don’t want my troops doing a little shake dance onto the floor!

Along with this shelf, I built another one next to my painting desk that holds all my tools and extras that were taking up space on my table. This one was smaller and had more cubby holes then shelves. To finish it all off, I filled the extra space available on my painting table with a couple of big speakers and put a BF-Sub Woofer under the table. Now it’s time to rock!