Insider 10/13/2010

So the last time we left off, we were converting Jeremiah Kraye into a thrall model.

It goes without saying—although, I will—this technique can also be used on your Cryx models.

The first picture shows the horse's hindquarters that I've drilled holes into with a pin vice and various sized drill bits.

The second photo shows my finished conversion, which I will show you how to do in four easy steps.

Step 1: Apply putty into the holes that you've drilled, then smooth it out so the putty is even with the models surface. Next, using a sculpting knife, draw in muscle striations. Be sure to keep the striations in a consistent direction if you're doing multiple wounds.

Step 2: Using your sculpting knife, 'wiggle' the striations so they have some character and aren't just straight lines.

Step 3: You can add tears and holes in the muscle tissue if you want a really injured/rotted look, but that's up to you. Add a ring of putty around the outside of the wound that will be the new “skin.”

Step 4: Blend the ring of putty around the wound into the original surface of the model. Using a needle tool and your knife, add holes and tears to this new 'skin' so it has a ragged, rotted appearance.

So there you go! Next time, we'll go over adding realistic-looking (and sturdy) smoke effects to your models!