Insider 10/1/2010

Several weeks ago, Jen wrote a blog about how difficult it is to be surrounded by so many beautiful models.

I quickly found myself agreeing with her when I had to decide on my main HORDES faction. As readers of my last blog post know, I am a diehard Protectorate of Menoth fan and seldom stray from them. However, being a staff member here affords me such possibilities that I wanted to branch out and start a HORDES army.

I quickly discovered that such an idea is much easier in concept than in application. I am not necessarily attracted to a faction based on the models. I can honestly say that I like them all. Every faction has a model or two that I can/did fall in love with. Legion has Epic Thagrosh, Trollblood has the Runeshapers, Circle has Nuala the Huntress, and Skorne has Tyrant Xerxis. I could go on and on, but I think you get my drift. So, if the models didn’t decide for me, what did?

I could have decided based on play style. As more models are released, it is possible to adapt most factions to most styles of play, but all the factions do have a feel to them based on their general stat lines. I have no problem adapting my style of play to the faction or army list. So that didn’t do it.

When those points of view didn’t work, I decided to look outside the game and models. How about which animal I like better? When I have to decide between dogs, pigs, sharks, or walking manatees, which do I choose? Well I have a dog, love bacon and sausage, am enthralled by Shark Week, and fully support the protection of manatees in Florida, so that didn’t help me either.

The problem deciding is made more difficult by my obsessive-compulsive nature. I can’t just pick up a model and decide on color and base scheme as I go. I have to plan out the color scheme for all the models I plan to buy and the overall base theme that ties them all together. In addition, there needs to be a reason why I chose those themes. My Protectorate army would look just odd on ice bases without a reason, would they not? So, after coming up with plans for all the HORDES factions, I was getting burnt out on the whole process.

So what now? I tried deciding based on models and sculpt. I attempted to sway my already neutral opinion based on game play. I even tried to pick based on what animal I like. In the end, though, I got no closer than when I started. In fact, I was perhaps becoming burnt out based on my obsessive personality! Well, I gave myself an ultimatum and said decide now or stick with The Protectorate forever. So I wrote all the HORDES factions on pieces of paper, threw them into a hat, and drew one. Legion of Everblight it is!