Insider 10-21-2016

November 7th is just around the corner, creeping stealthily like a ninja. Why does that date matter, you ask? Well, that’s the day the second season of “Crossroads of Courage” begins!

If you’re new to these parts, let me first give you the super-fast rundown. “Crossroads of Courage” is our yearlong narrative league for WARMACHINE & HORDES held at game stores and clubs all across the globe. If you’re looking for unique one-off scenarios and rules that will change your games in significant ways, look no further. “Crossroads” is more than just a chance to participate in a story-driven league, however, as the results submitted by its players are shaping the fate of the narrative’s protagonist, Holden.

Each season, during the time window specified for that portion of the league, players can submit their own fiction, battle reports, images, whatever they like regarding their experiences with Holden in the league. These reports, no matter how strange or obscure, are changing Holden’s rules from season to season, based on sets of currently hidden criteria. At the end of the league, Holden will be released as a real model for WARMACHINE & HORDES, and his final form will be based on the input of the players during the league and the results of a full-day event to take place at Lock and Load GameFest 2017.

Now then, let’s talk about Season Two. First, you can find the rules for Season Two on the “Crossroads” page here. You’ll also notice the rules for the previous seasons are stored on this page as well. This is so you and your gaming group can participate in older seasons if you’re coming on board late and don’t want to miss out on all the fun. You don’t have to play older seasons to be up to speed, though—you can jump right into the current season, no problem.

A new feature for Season Two is the use of the Coin of Fate, the participation prize from Season One. Each season, all players who participate and complete the league are given a coin, which is used with special rules in later seasons. In Season Two, flipping the coin can have some truly amazing or utterly devastating effects. For example, if you choose to flip the coin (and you can only do so once per game), you might be able to teleport your ’caster from its current position to a fairly significant distance and then still activate! Of course, if the flip isn’t in your favor, your opponent can teleport you instead…to almost any table edge on the board.

Tempting fate is a major theme you’ll see become more prominent as each season comes and goes, but one element always remains true: it’s your choice. If you choose to tempt fate, you can reap amazing rewards, but you might also pay the ultimate price.

You just have to ask yourself: are you feeling lucky today?

Check with your local gaming store or club to see if they’re hosting “Crossroads of Courage: Season Two, and get ready to seal Holden’s fate…and possibly your own.