Insider 10-17-2011

Let me tell you a story.

It was just another day in the office. I was busy with my normal duties when I heard a familiar phrase being shouted from across the hall: “Hungerford! Front and center!” I walked into the office near mine, and standing there was our director of business, William Shick.

Before I could say anything, Shick stared at me through his reflective sunglasses and said, “Hungerford! It has been brought to my attention that you’ve applied for the position of Quartermaster! A lot of fine men and women have held that post, so you’ve got a lot to live up to!” He then handed me what looked like a gem-encrusted doubloon before returning to his desk.

In other words, I am proud to announce that I am the new Quartermaster!
What does this mean? It means I have the privilege of leading the finest volunteer force in the gaming industry. It means I get to spearhead our continuing effort to support gaming communities worldwide. It means I have the opportunity to improve the gaming experience for our audience worldwide. Also, I think it means I’ve gone epic (stat card not included in this Insider).

What better way to kick off my inauguration as Quartermaster than with a little something special for the community? As Jen mentioned in her previous Insider, Breast Cancer Brawl events are starting up across the world. To support this charity effort, we’ve decided to offer a set of pink warlock and warcaster cards to any venue running a BCB. Here’s an example!

That’s right; special pink variant cards for all the battlegroup box set warcasters and warlocks, including Magnus, Kaelyssa, Carver, and Barnabas. Stores holding a BCB will receive one stat card and one spell card for each of these casters as prize support for their events.

Do you know a store that is holding a BCB soon? Make sure they contact me at to get one of these card sets. Supplies are very limited!

Till next time everyone!