Insider 1-31-2011

Things are buzzing around here at Privateer Press. We have been toiling away on the new Wrath book for a long time, and we are now putting together the final touches on the rules section. I have art flowing in from our many talented artists, so I thought I would preview one of my favorite upcoming Wrath pieces: The Vessel of Judgment.

I can’t give away too much about the Protectorate’s new battle engine. However, the basic idea behind this piece is that it’s a holy construct that houses the remains of a high priest of Menoth. The priest on top of the mobile sarcophagus is charged with rousing the vengeful spirit contained within the Vessel. Don’t look at the light!!!

Ron Kruzie contributed to the concept of the Vessel of Judgment by suggesting a single, huge muscle-bound zealot should pull the thing by himself, moving the titanic battle engine through sheer muscle and spiritual devotion. The zealot is one of my favorite elements of this new model, as he has proven himself worthy to be chained to this giant contraption and pull it around!

Andrea Uderzo, our wonderful super artist, did an amazing job depicting the Vessel. I love the bright light emanating from within, the fiery ground around the Vessel, and the large accompanying war host in the background! The best part is the Choir member on the right with the snide look on his face. It seems as if he’s saying to the enemies of the Protectorate, “That’s right! Now you're in for a world of hurt!”

Stay tuned for more battle engine news!