Insider 1-27-2011

In this blog, I will take everyone on a little tour of my office and offer a sneak peek at the tools “required” for me to do my job.

A. Here we have an almost life-size banner of Sorscha. It was salvaged from the early days of Privateer Press. She keeps the office cool in the summer (she and the AC vent directly over my chair).
B. Front and center is the monitor where I review concept art, illustrations, and various photos of miniatures or works-in-progress. And write blogs.
C. Various odds and ends, including a loop for viewing proofs, Lich Lord Asphixious, and Mega Krakenoctus. These items rotate frequently.
D. Wacom® tablet for making notes and corrections directly on images. I do the occasional drawing with it.
E. Map of Immoren for quick reference. You never know when you will need to locate the Suneater Mountains.
F. An axe for when people get mouthy. Just above the axe is my PETT badge.
G. Life saving coffee. It saves everyone around me, not just me.
H. More odds and ends. This time we have a PAX® stress ball, pens and pencils, and other exciting office supplies.
I. The giant Galactus™ action figure I picked up at San Diego Comic Con International® last year. I just couldn’t resist a fig in a 27-inch-tall blister card. Also, I can push the button in the center of his chest and he will chase people out of my office.
J. Gifts of alcohol from the Press Gang and the Indianapolis RAM®. Saving them for an emergency.
K. My Circle of Hell army that was featured in No Quarter issues 28 and 34.
L. My Hellboy® sculpt rules over the Circle of Hell with a raised stone fist.
M. Cthugrosh feels inadequate, but he has a plan.
N. Lots of painted Cryx models. There is a 200+-point army spread across the various surfaces of my work area.
O. Various forms. Mostly used for proof approval.
P. The object inhabiting this location is so awesome it does not appear in photographs.
Q. Painting and modeling space for various personal projects.
R. Extreme Titan in progress. The PETT badge is a lie!
S. Box proofs. I put these in front because they look cool. Behind the stack are various sizes and shapes we have tested before going into final production.
T. This is my chair. I’m not pictured in it because despite all the cool stuff in my office, I haven’t been spending a lot of time there lately. It takes more than one man to plan the Next Big Thing, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

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