Insider 1-26-2011

Here we are, barely into 2011, and the struggle to get models fully painted for an event is the same as it was in 2010. Completing the Impossible Dream Challenge back in November kind of destroyed my will to paint, and December yielded very few painted models from yours truly. Not even the “ooh, shiny” factor of a new Circle army was enough to get me to lift a brush more than once or twice.

Coupled with the pressure to paint, there is the frightening realization that convention season is right around the corner. The first show for some of us here at Privateer Press HQ will be TempleCon in February in Warwick, Rhode Island. Several of us are going on our own, and two other staffers will be present in an official capacity.

The first time I attended TempleCon in 2009, I had hopes of bringing a fully painted Cygnar army. I ran out of steam on that one and was able to field only a mostly painted army. I had to skip TempleCon 2010 but vowed I’d attend in 2011 and be fully painted.

There are a number of factors involved in my desire to be fully painted. For starters, I’m playing in the team tournament and my teammates are fully painted. Then there’s the fact I work for Privateer Press and as a staffer playing in events, I think I should have a painted army even if I’m attending on my own dime. Finally, it just looks cool when you see two painted armies battling over an objective or slugging it out over a control point. Even if your Dawnguard Sentinels are getting turned into Blackbane’s Ghost Raiders or Bane Thralls. *sigh*

A tertiary goal for painting the Angry Elves is to be ready for the Arcantrik Force Generator. I can see the studio-painted model from my office, and it’s a friendly reminder of the cool stuff we have coming out for WARMACHINE: Wrath this year. I can’t wait for these models to be released. The battle engines I’ve seen so far are stunning and bring some interesting game play elements to WARMACHINE and HORDES. I’ve got plans to add the Cygnar and Protectorate of Menoth battle engines to my collection. Thankfully, I have fully painted forces for both factions.

If you’re planning on being at TempleCon in February, I’ll see you there! If not, put that brush to pewter, and join me in trying to paint as much as you can in 2011!

Happy (belated) New Year!