Insider 1-24-2017

As a devotee of Privateer Press for as long as I can remember, it is with no small amount of excitement that I finally get to type these words out: Hi! My name is Josh, and this is my first Insider.

Now this is the part where I’m supposed to introduce myself, but since there are much cooler things to talk about than my background, this bit will be brief. I was a Press Ganger for over eleven years, running demos and events anywhere from amazing game shops and local clubs to large conventions like Gen Con. It was indeed at Gen Con one year where then-No QuarterEditor-in-Chief Aeryn Rudel (hi Aeryn) offered me the chance to write an article for the magazine. After a lot of hard work and patience I ended up becoming a regular contributor to my favorite magazine, writing articles about things like mage hunter serial killers, the secret history of Orgoth relics, and the manufacturing delays of the Khadoran Grolar.

After four and a half years, current No Quarter Editor-in-Chief Lyle Lowery (hi Lyle) offered me the opportunity to work full-time for the magazine as No Quarter assistant, and I couldn’t pass it up! I’ve had many great experiences in my short time so far at Privateer Press, but one of my favorites is getting to work on the Iron Kingdoms RPG material found in No Quarter. While I’ve been able to contribute to multiple RPG expansions as a freelancer, getting to work on this material from the ground up has been a thrill.

Now for the good stuff. As most of our regular readers are aware, we’re in the middle of an exciting RPG article series in No Quarter called “Iron Kingdoms Uncharted.” The focus of “Uncharted” has been to shine a light on piracy and privateering in our setting, providing our players new options for running games out in the Broken Coast.

So far “Uncharted” has allowed us to break new ground, letting us explore the naval aspects of Khador and the Protectorate in ways we’ve never seen before, as well as expanding on the maritime history of Cygnar. In this upcoming issue, we will be taking a look at the kingdom of Ord and its longstanding pirate culture. In previous releases such as Urban Adventures and Kings, Nations, and Gods, we have touched upon specific aspects of piracy in Ord, mainly focusing on the infamous city of Five Fingers. For this article we wanted to dive deeper, and while we briefly talk about Five Fingers, we endeavored to highlight some of the other major cities in Ord and how piracy influences life there. For instance, while Berck is widely regarded as Ord’s golden port, a combination of graft and the influence of House Mateu create unique opportunities for pirates, privateers, and smugglers looking for big rewards and bigger adventure.

Juicy setting information isn’t all we’re offering . . . far from it! In this installment of “Iron Kingdoms Uncharted” we have a treasure trove of rules content, including new equipment, abilities, and career options, along with a surprise or two. Still, in addition to exploring new ground, this entry allows us to bring back some of our favorite things from the classic IKRPG. Here’s a peek at the return of the Watch Inspector in its new role as a career option:

No Quarter #70 (releasing January 25) is chock-full of great content, but the “Uncharted” article on Ord holds a special place in my heart. Without giving too much away about what’s ahead for the final two installments of “Uncharted,” I can safely say that March’s No Quarter #71 is heading into uncharted waters (pun intended), perhaps journeying into altogether unknown territory. So pick up No Quarter at your local hobby shop or through a subscription and set sail for unknown waters. Trust me, you won’t want to miss an issue.