Insider 1-19-2011

As Privateer’s retail development and support specialist, it’s my job to help your local game store get everything it needs to create a great gaming experience for everyone. That might sound like a complicated task, but cool stuff like this year’s league coins and battle journals actually make my job pretty easy.

Last week our events coordinator Jason Martin dedicated his blog to showing off the super-fancy new Shattered Grounds league coins for 2011. This was a well-deserved bit of show-and-tell after many, many months of hard work. While we at Privateer Press truly appreciate all Jason’s hard work, I’ve decided to steal his thunder and give everyone a sneak peak at the new 2011 battle journals—freshly stolen from Jason’s desk!

These things are simply awesome! On top of tracking all your achievements during this year’s Shattered Grounds leagues and tournament events, the battle journals also include a little something special for everyone. Each journal includes a page for a player of every faction to track which warcasters or warlocks he or she have played with in a tournament that year. This page also includes special spots for some of the new hotness coming soon to your tabletop in WARMACHINE: Wrath and (WARNING: Spoiler Alert!) the next HORDES anthology, HORDES: Domination!

I hope everyone enjoys Shattered Grounds this year as much as we enjoyed making it (and stealing bits of it from unaware coworkers’ desks).

See you on the battlefield!