Insider 1-18-2011

In this installment of the Privateer Press Insider, I want to share with you one of my personal highlight from 2010: charity tournaments. I heard about charity tournaments from local Press Ganger Annichka when we met at Gen Con, and I wanted to find a way to help. We came up with a cool challenge. I’d show up and paint a model during the course of the tournament and then give the miniature away to the person who donated the most money. It was fun to challenge myself to paint a model to a high standard and still finish it in 4-5 hours all for a good cause.

Here are some pictures of the limited edition Eiryss painted for Breast Cancer Brawl:

And here is Gorten Grundback fighting for the cause of Foodmachine:

Lastly, even Saxon Orrik did his part helping to donate presents to Seattle Children’s Hospital

I have some big ideas for charity in 2011. Keep checking back with the Insider for a chance to do your part and maybe even get your hands on an awesome painted mini!