Insider 1-07-2011

Battle engines are some of the most exciting new models we’ve ever introduced to WARMACHINE. After the concepts were pitched and approved and the rules locked, the time came to shape the ideas into their proper places in the world of the Iron Kingdoms.

Every battle engine represents a unique and potent weapon in its nation’s arsenal. In some cases, it was simple enough to work out its place in history. For example, Khador’s Gun Carriage could easily have evolved out of century old designs of horse-drawn artillery pieces. Khadorans being who they are never give up on a good idea (especially if it involves massive armor and big guns), so it was easy enough to consider they’ve been refining those designs for a very long time. Other battle engines represented more recent developments.

The Protectorate’s Vessel of Judgment is probably my favorite of all of the battle engines. Development could have taken a simple route and created a gigantic mechanized statue that hurled Menoth’s Fury (or something), but it was clear the Menites needed something that would more fully portray their expanding holy crusade. Instead, the Vessel of Judgment showcases the fervent desperation of the Menite cause. Each Vessel is a massive reliquary, holding the sanctified remains of one of the ancient Menite Priest Kings. Terrible power is channeled through this conduit but at some risk to the relic within. The Synod of Visgoths are split on this matter. Some consider this use of relics to be a righteous manifestation of faith; others believe it is a blasphemous abuse of Menoth’s power.

In every instance, the battle engines are not just awesome new models for you to use in your games of WARMACHINE, but they also shed light on unexplored parts of the Iron Kingdoms.