Insider 09-18-2017

Ah, Minions. I do love them. Even when I’m playing other Factions, I’m always looking for fun opportunities to fit Mercenary or Minion models into my lists. What can I say—they’re my jam! So, you can imagine my excitement when we first started testing a Skorne theme force that allowed me to do something completely new with my Minion warbeasts: turn them into Skorne warbeasts.

Disciples of Agony is all about the relationship between the paingivers of the Skorne Empire and the Minions they utilize in battle. By relationship, I mean slavery.

This theme force was previewed briefly during a previous CID cycle, so its contents will not come as a surprise to many of you. Still, let’s discuss it for those of you who missed it the first go-round. In this theme, you can bring any of the Paingiver warlocks (so, the three Morghouls and Beast Master Xekaar) as well as Master Ascetic Naaresh. These warlocks can have not only non-character Skorne warbeasts in their battlegroups but can also take any Minion warbeast as well. Doing so makes that Minion warbeast count as a Skorne warbeast instead of a Minion one and allows you to freely mix and match Skorne, Gator, and Farrow warbeasts together under one warlock! Think of the possibilities!

Oh, and yes, that does mean Skorne can take the Dracodile when it comes out.

In addition to this whole new world of warbeast opportunities, the theme also includes all Mortitheurge, Nihiliator, and Paingiver models/units. Speaking of units, the Minions fun doesn’t end with just the battlegroup. The first benefit of this theme is that you can take any number of Minion units and a single Minion solo in the army. This is particularly important because all Paingiver models pick up Sacrificial Pawn [Minion Warrior model], helping to keep your Paingiver units and potentially even your warlock safe from ranged attacks on the approach.

For all these units you take, specifically for every full 20 points of units in the army, you get to add one Skorne command attachment (note: you might notice something weird about this . . . future proofing!) or one small-based Skorne solo to your force for free.

The last benefit of this theme force is not one that should be overlooked whatsoever. A single unit of Paingiver Bloodrunners gains Ambush. The amount of damage and mayhem this unit can inflict upon enemy support units is tremendous. Your opponent will never feel safe with these murderous assassins waiting in the shadows.

The list I’ve been testing lately involves pushing the damage potential of as many lights warbeasts as I feel I can reasonably run, specifically Battle Boars. With Naaresh’s feat, enrage from Beast Handlers, and Primal, I can get my Battle Boars up to MAT 7, P+S 18, with both Berserk and Overtake. It’s freakin’ succulent!

To help deliver all the Paingivers in my army, I also like running a Minion warrior unit that is both reasonably self-sufficient and survivable, ensuring I can Sac Pawn to it when and if I need to. Enter the Farrow Brigands! Let me tell you, when these things can’t be knocked down thanks to a nearby Task Master, they are just ridiculously difficult to remove.

Anyway, here’s the list I’ve been playing lately! Look forward to playing Disciples of Agony when it drops this month, along with a whole slew of other new theme forces.

Master Ascetic Naaresh +32 WB points
-Basilisk Krea x2 14 Points
-Battle Boar x6 42 Points
-Agonizer 6 Points
Paingiver Bloodrunner Master Tormentor x2 Both Free from Theme
Paingiver Task Master 3 Points
Paingiver Beast Handlers (4) x2 10 Points
Paingiver Bloodrunners 9 Points
Feralgeist 2 Points
Farrow Brigands (10) 15 Points
-Farrow Brigand Warlord 4 Points
Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew 2 Points