Insider 09-16-2016

In this art Insider, I’ll do more showing than telling, as each Command book cover is very straightforward. The direction we’ve taken for these books is to showcase our new warcaster or warlock, putting that character front and center surrounded by a few other classic warcasters or warlocks and with a couple of warjacks or warbeasts in the background. The idea behind each composition is similar to that of the wall of heroes visuals from DC Comics’ old Kingdom Come covers in which you get a clear view of several iconic characters.

For each cover, the general process is for Andrea to do first a few sketches for basic composition and character placement and pose. From there, we either pick one or I do a quick drawing over the top of existing art, adjusting pose and placement before sending that back to Andrea. Next, Andrea takes the feedback or choice I’ve provided and prepares a tight line-art drawing. He then proceeds to establish a flat color guideline. During the final phases, he establishes the value and lighting for the scene and ultimately sends me a final version. After the illustration has been uploaded to our art server, the graphic design team places the art into our layout templates, crops where necessary, and applies other design elements to bring it all together. Below is a step-by-step progression for the Cygnar cover, followed by final cover art with and without design elements for both the Trollbloods and Protectorate books.

With how great these turned out, it was only a matter of moments before we all agreed we wanted prints of them. Coming in at $20 each, you can grab them on our online store here.. Can't pick a favorite? Put all three in your cart, and get the whole set for $50! The discount will automatically be applied and is viewable in your shopping cart.