Insider 09-11-2017

Mini-Geist for MiniCrate!

The latest MiniCrate concept art by Matt Wilson is in…and it’s haunting.

In case you’re not familiar with MiniCrate, it’s our monthly subscription service where we deliver an exclusive miniature directly to your mailbox every month. These models are only available through MiniCrate for our subscribers, and we’re already planning awe-inspiring ways to destroy the molds to solidify their rarity. (Flamethrowers are already being discussed.)

You have until September 19th to get in on the very first model in the line, the Swamp Siren, which will ship in October. VIP subscribers (a six-month subscription) also net themselves a bonus seventh model, di Wulfe in Sheep’s Clothing, available nowhere else and not available for individual purchase even to our subscribers!

Next comes our second model, the Plaid Piper of Ord (based on Rhupert Carvolo, Piper of Ord from WARMACHINE), will ship in November, and then at last comes December and the Geist of Christmas Yet to Come.

Trust me: it’ll scare the dickens out of you.

Based on the original Feral Geist miniature from HORDES, the Geist of Christmas Yet to Come is a horror rising from the grave to show you the error of your ways in games you’ve not yet played…and perhaps to claim your dice in the process. It’s an excellent blend of classic death imagery and the beasties that live in the wilds of the Iron Kingdoms.

One co-worker described the Geist of Christmas Yet to Come as “the last thing I want to meet in the dark but the first thing I want under my Christmas tree.”

We’re literally counting down the days and hours before VIP subscriptions that will include the Swamp Siren model, and that VIP subscription will also get you the Geist of Christmas Yet to Come, plus your bonus seventh model of di Wulfe in Sheep’s Clothing. Our next wave of models is already in the works, so lock your subscription in before September 19th to make sure you don’t miss a single mini! Check out the latest MiniCrate works in progress…

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