Insider 09-02-2011

This month, the final WARMACHINE battle engine, the Vessel of Judgment rolls onto store shelves and tabletops across the world. The Vessel represents an important milestone for Privateer Press: it completes the first line of our resin kits. However, even now, we are hard at work on the next set of battle engines contained within the pages of the upcoming HORDES: Domination.

But resin isn’t restricted to battle engine-sized models alone. Also hitting store shelves this month is the first 50 mm resin/metal hybrid kit for WARMACHINE or HORDES: the Bronzeback Titan.

If you have assembled your own Bronzeback, you can see from the pictures below that the new hybrid kit maintains the same look and detail as the original metal kit.

Over time, several more of our larger metal kits will receive a similar treatment. With the price of tin continuing to rise, kits like these allow us to keep our prices more stable and still offer the same great-looking, high-quality miniatures players have come to know and love over the last ten years.

’Til next time,