Insider 08-30-2017

I’ve been having a great time painting my Grymkin army. One of my favorite aspects of painting an army is coming up with little hobby projects that add a bit of flavor to it.

You know, things that are not part of the army per se but represent something on the battlefield. Looking over the Arcana cards, I noticed the Shadow Arcana. This little ability lets me put a warbeast on the table for a round to mess with my opponent’s plan or buy me some time with the rest of my force. With this in mind, I set out to create a Shadow Skin & Moans.

First, I cleaned, prepped, and primed my model normally. I used Formula P3 Black Primer, as this give me a nice starting point for my shadow.

Next, I used an airbrush to add some lighting to the underside of the Skin and Moans with Morrow White. This under lighting will add a nice atmosphere to the model.

I then airbrushed some Necrotite Green over the Morrow White, as this is primary glow of my color scheme and will tie him to my army. Then, I added some Thamar Black to the Necrotite Green and blended the edges where the green and black meet on the model.

Next, I took Thamar Black and Underbelly Blue and gave the model an upper highlight with my airbrush.

Then, I mixed roughly 50/50 Necrotite Green and Morrow White and used it to add some highlights to the green. I used Underbelly Blue to add highlights to the edges of the “shadow” zones.

Finally, I gave the green glow a thin glaze of Yellow Ink to give it a sickly feeling, and I based the model like the rest of my army.

And there you have it! A quick but effective model to represent the power of the Defiers on your tabletop. Be on the lookout for any spell or effect that could be represented in your games to add a bit of life and narrative to the next throw down at your FLGS.

Till next time . . . stay shadowy!