Insider 08-28-2017

Get ready! This September, a hot batch of succulent new theme forces is headed your way. Leading up to the official release of these new themes, we continue to discuss some of our favorites and give you a little appetizer before the full course is served. Today’s treat is a delicious rum-flavored morsel with a slight hint of adventure.

The Talion Charter!

Remembering which models you can take in a Talion Charter army is pretty straightforward. You can take only Privateer warcasters, models, and units. Oh, except for warjacks. You can take any non-character Mercenary warjacks to accompany your warcaster or perhaps even Dirty Meg.

Speaking of Dirty Meg, she and all the other solos are free options in a Talion army. If you remember the original MK II Talion theme force, this shouldn’t come as a big surprise. Talion armies are all about the synergistic relationship between the various character solos and the sea dogs they enhance. It’s logical that for every 25 points of Privateer models and units you add to the army (including Privateer warjacks!), you can take one free solo or one free weapon crew unit. Before you freak out, just remember that the Commodore Cannon & Crew is not a weapon crew unit. It will count toward your threshold for receiving free models, but you can’t take it as a free selection.

As I mentioned, the various flavorful characters of the Talion are the backbone of the army. It only makes sense that playing a pure Talion force would provide these solos with a benefit to help keep them alive. All solos in a Talion army gain Dodge, which allows them to move 2˝ after an enemy attack misses them, and during said movement they cannot be targeted with free strikes.

The final benefit of the theme force helps enemy soldiers see the error of their ways and take up the pirate’s life. One Press Gang unit in the army gains Ambush. Not only does this benefit provide a board-control element by creating a threat your opponent must always play around, but it also helps deliver the Press Gang unit into the thick of battle right when you want it to arrive. With proper planning and Ambush application, you can turn tons of enemy soldiers into burly pirates.

Want to turn a War Dog into a pirate? Or how about a Gallows Grove? Talion Charter helps your pirates sneak up on a tree and give it an eyepatch . . . and TRANSFORM IT INTO A HUMAN!

When the Talion Charter releases this September—along with many of the other new theme forces—we hope you have as much fun playing it as we’ve had designing it. Here’s the Talion list I’ve been personally using. I look forward to seeing what lists you’ll come up with as well!

  • Captain Phinneus Shae - +28
    • Galleon - 39
  • Bosun Grogspar - 4
  • Bloody Bradigan - 3
  • Doc Killingsworth - Free
  • First Mate Hawk - Free
  • Lord Rockbottom - Free
  • Dougal MacNaile - Free
  • The Commodore - 7
  • Press Gangers (10) - 12
  • Sea Dog Pirates (10) - 13
    • Mr. Walls - 4
  • Sea Dog Pirates (10) - 13
  • Aiyana & Holt - 8

Oh, and if you are truly living the pirate's life, make sure to proudly fly your flag by rocking one of the Talion pins you can pick up here.