Insider 08-14-2017

Pinkin: The Limited Harvest

At Lock & Load GameFest 2017 last June, Privateer Pins debuted five new limited-edition pins to add to your collection, and if you didn’t make the trek to Washington State to check them out, they’re headed for the Privateer Press booth at Gen Con in Indianapolis!

The Grymkin pins are already a wickedly hot property. In addition to the new Faction logo (in all its glorious purple), we’ve added two Chibis to the growing collection of cute horrors: The Heretic, holding up a tiny version of his own face, and Skin & Moans, adorable while wearing other people’s skin.

Chibis remain among our most popular pins (though logos and banners run a very close second—and thus the Grymkin logo!), and since the beginning in 2014, we’ve been asked for a handful of specific characters. Well, two of them are here at last: Chibi Deneghra and Chibi Aleksander Zerkova!

Lock & Load took its toll on these limited-edition pins, and there’s a grim-kin possibility that Gen Con will see at least one of them sell out. So, now’s the time to flesh (and moan) out your collection—harvest them from our online store and descend on our booth (#533) at Gen Con before the gremlins mysteriously scoop up the last of them.