Insider 08-11-2017

Lock & Load GameFest 2017 has come and gone and with it, two of my favorite events. This year saw the return of two Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game events, the Full Metal Game Master competition and the Dead Reckoning mega-adventure.

As I described in a previous Insider, the Game Master competition pits Game Masters against one another to determine who can run the best adventure while we, the Privateer Press staff, mercilessly mess with them—every so often, we throw complications out that the GMs must execute without flaw. This year, we had some real tough ones, like the inability to speak or otherwise indicate specific numbers or having to make every die roll from behind the back.

Despite all our meddling, the players had a great time and determined the champion. For the second year in a row, our Full Metal Game Master is Bryson Bullough. As his reward and to demonstrate his prowess, Bryson received a masterfully crafted Wyrmwood dice tray. This year’s was constructed from purple heartwood, a perfect complement to any Grymkin-themed adventure you might be playing...

...which is exactly what happened Sunday during Dead Reckoning! We premiered a new multi-table adventure set in the rural village of Holbrook, where sixteen players had to work together to defeat an infestation of grymkin led by none other than the Wanderer. The PCs needed to travel from place to place using the Wanderer’s own mystical roads, rescue trapped civilians scattered throughout the village, and ultimately confront the Wanderer and his band of powerful grymkin and nightmares.

Best of all, Bryson once again stepped up to the plate, taking on Game Mastering duties for one of the tables himself. Not only did he earn his place as Full Metal Game Master until next Lock & Load, he cemented it by running a brand-new adventure, sight unseen. Good job, Bryson. I hope you realize the target you’ve painted on your back for people who wish to claim the title for themselves in 2018!