Insider 08-08-2017

Prior to Lock & Load GameFest 2017, we introduced the idea through our Community Integrated Development that we wanted to tweak the way theme forces worked to allow for all theme forces to have the option to include a very limited number of Mercenary or Minion models in them. The ensuing conversation with the player community about this change brought us to another, just as critical, conclusion: given the importance of theme forces to the overall game experience and their significant role in army construction, we needed to fast-track the remaining theme force rules so that every model would have a theme force to call home.

With this in mind, our development team began polishing and prepping all of the drafted theme forces waiting for their day to go through CID. Now, while these theme forces will still go through CID at a later date, we will be releasing them all in mid- to late-September in order to level the playing field (so to speak) and make sure all Factions have a diverse assortment of theme forces to choose from when you’re building an army.

Of course, when these early theme forces go through CID at their appointed time, you can definitely look forward to seeing several new models added to them, just as players saw with the Trenchers and Northkin.

Today, it is my distinct pleasure to kick off a new series of Insiders that will focus on this big all-Factions inclusive theme force drop coming this September. And what better way to start this series than with a howl of winter wind and raving madness!

A particular Khador favorite, Mad Dogs of War for Butcher 2 gave many of us (myself included) a great way to tap into our inner homicidal maniac on the tabletop with the ability to run unit after unit of terrifying Doom Reavers. Or what about the arcane power of Winter Wind, which put the frozen mastery of Khador’s Greylords front and center?

The thing is, Greylords and Doom Reavers go together like peanut butter and chocolate—they’re two great tastes that taste great together. Enter the upcoming theme force for Khador, Wolves of Winter.

If you want to build a classic Butcher-2-all-Doom-Reavers-all-the-time, Wolves of Winter has got you covered. Or maybe you want to unleash freezing hell upon your enemies? Well, Wolves of Winter brings all the Greylords together for one big icy party. Or maybe you want to mix your berserker madness with a bit of frosty killing chill? Wolves of Winter, all the way.

It’s this versatility that makes Wolves of Winter one of my favorites of the new theme forces. Being able to take all Greylord and Doom Reaver models allows for some sweet list-building freedom while still granting you a free Khador command attachment or small- or medium-based solo for every 20 points of Greylord and Doom Reaver models/units in the army.

As for the theme force’s other benefits: At the beginning of each of your Control Phases, you can choose one non-warcaster Doom Reaver or Greylord unit to gain Apparition that turn. What's more terrifying than a horde of murderous screaming madmen? Magically teleporting murderous screaming madmen! If you've ever played with Apparition you know just how powerful being able to suddenly be 2" somewhere else can be.

Additionally, friendly models/units in the army can begin the game affected by their warcaster’s upkeep spells. Not exactly a major boon for someone like Butcher 2 but a significant boon for warcasters like Butcher 1, Irusk 2, and Malakov 2, just to name a few.

While mixing and matching is nice, for the moment I’ve been reveling in the list I like to call The Throwback Thursday Madmen.

Kommander Orsus Zoktavir - +28
Ruin - 17
Juggernaut - 12
Marauder - 10
Fenris - 9
Doom Reaver Swordsmen -13
Greylord Escort - 3
Doom Reaver Swordsmen - 13
Greylord Escort - Free
Doom Reaver Swordsmen - 13
Greylord Escort - Free
Doom Reaver Swordsmen - 13
Greylord Escort - Free

While it may not be the most optimized list, the sheer fun of putting this list on the table and playing a game of “Can you kill me before my dark magic-infused homicidal maniacs can get to you?” is loads of fun.

So, get ready, ladies and gentlemen. Gather up all the fell Orgoth artifacts you might have lying around because stock in terrifying ancient cursed items is about to go way up this September.

And check back soon for more sneak peeks of the upcoming theme force drop right here on Privateer Press’ Insider!