Insider 05-01-2017 Godless Mike Ryan

Godless Debuts. A Warcaster Will Fall.

Protectorate of Menoth followers, rejoice!

It is my distinct pleasure as publisher at Skull Island eXpeditions to announce that Godless by Orrin Grey, the first book in the Fire & Faith series, is now available in both print and digital formats!

This is the novel that will change what you know about tales of the Iron Kingdoms…because in Godless, for the very first time, a major character—one who has been a key figure in the world as well as on the tabletop, a man of notable power and influence—will die.

The armies of the Protectorate face off against an enemy that knows a thing or two about war: the skorne, led by Lord Tyrant Hexeris, are marching against the faithful of Menoth, bent on laying siege to their towers and destroying their forces. Hampered by their own internal clashes for power, the leaders of the Protectorate risk their own destruction at hands of a savage, godless enemy.

In the middle of this chaos stands priest and warcaster Tristan Durant, whose own faith is shaken by a dark vision of the future. And in the aftermath of one man’s death, Tristan will have to find the meaning of his vision in the blood of the skorne.

For readers who have clamored to see a greater variety of Factions depicted in the Skull Island fiction, I hope this latest addition to our catalog will begin to satisfy that desire. Godless expands what we’ve seen of the Iron Kingdoms, and the intensity that Orrin Grey brings to the page successfully raises the stakes for not just Tristan but for the Protectorate and for the skorne.

Most of all, the death of a character who has been a constant force in the Iron Kingdoms will make Godless a page-turner.

Godless is available digitally at Amazon, iTunes, DriveThruRPG, and!

For print, check out Amazon or the Privater Press Online Store!