Insider 04-20-2016

In today’s twofer Insider, I want to expand on the changes to unit attachments and also dive into a change that’s seen a great deal of speculation in the community: the reevaluation of point costs in the new editions.

In addition to turning a critical eye on models or units that the theme force changes from Mk II to the new editions (more on that tomorrow!), we also took the opportunity to do a complete re-examination and rebalancing of every model in WARMACHINE and HORDES to look at FA and its impact on the game as a whole. One of the most exciting revelations we came to was concerning unit attachments.

Between the changes to theme forces and the immense rebalancing, we realized we no longer needed to limit the FA of unit attachments like the Trencher Infantry Officer and Sniper or the Praetorian Swordsmen Officer and Standard, which in the new editions are now identified as Command Attachments.

Instead, we were able to balance them from the ground up to have an FA equal to the unit to which they could attach. No longer did a unit of Stormblades need to go to battle without an officer, nor did a unit of Druids of Orboros lack the stern oversight of their Druid Overseer.

Another extremely exciting result from our look at unit attachments was the decision we came to about how weapon attachments would interact with units. Specifically, units can now take a maximum of three weapon attachments from any valid weapon attachment options they have. So, in the future, units with multiple weapon attachment options will be able to mix and match between their various options, so long as they do not contain more than three total weapon attachments.

In the end, all of this added up to creating strong tactical and strategic decisions when building an army. And speaking of building an army…

The adjustment of the point costing system in WARMACHINE and HORDES was one of the first things we knew we wanted to implement in the new editions. After compiling years of data from both internal testing and, more important, from our global community of players, we knew we needed to introduce a points system that allowed for greater granularity. We settled on the foundation of doubling the current point system; however, this initial determination was little more than the first step on what would be a long, arduous, yet infinitely rewarding journey toward the new points system.

With a greater range in which to play, we began examining and testing every model in the game. The new points system was instrumental in helping shape the complete rebalancing of the game. While we certainly tweaked and changed stats and abilities, being able to more granularly assign point costs between the myriad different models within the game was monumental in shaping the total rebalancing of the new editions. It gave us a greater dial with which to finely tune each and every model.

So, the theory sounds all well and good, but what does it mean in practice?

Let’s take a look at a range of stat cards for different model types so you can see the new points system (combined with a bit of rebalancing) in action.

Click the image for a larger view

*Can you spot the new icons for Assault , Disruption, and Blessed?

Of course, this is just the barest tip of the iceberg, but hopefully it gives you an idea on just how the new points system has helped to reshape the landscape of the game in an exciting way.

Stay tuned for more sneak peeks under the supercharged hood and get ready for an all-new war!