Insider 03-23-2017

Community Integrated Development, or CID, has been a smashing success thus far. We’re at one month in, and the feedback we’ve received about the new Grymkin HORDES Faction has been excellent. We’ve already made many important and meaningful changes to models within the Faction, promising a great release this summer when the Grymkin finally arrive.

With all that in mind, let me tell you…I cannot wait to drop Steamroller 2017 into CID in April. Previously, Steamroller was tested in a more limited fashion externally, but now everyone gets their chance to take the new rules for a spin. There’s going to be a LOT to cover, too.

Steamroller is getting an “edition-level change,” meaning it’s being revamped in many significant ways. The entire scenario design is new in order to accommodate many of the changes you may have already heard about, such as no cap on CP scoring, scenario elements requiring certain model types to score, random overall game length, and, of course, the new terrain layout guidelines.

One big thing you might want to start planning for now with your local community is CID tournaments for SR 2017. Normally with CID, we don’t recommend playing the test models in official organized play. Rules and point values change so quickly that it can be confusing for new players, and most important, CID doesn’t mean you should stop playing normal games of WARMACHINE & HORDES.

SR 2017 CID, though, is different, as we’ll be specifically testing tournament rules. For this CID, you can, of course, just play one-off games using the scenarios and rules from SR 2017, but a great way for a community to provide a solid chunk of feedback will be to run a full CID tournament.

We’re expecting SR CID to start late April—exact dates should come in the next couple of weeks. Once the dates are officially announced, make sure to mark your calendar, and get ready to throw down. This Steamroller experience won’t be like anything you’ve had before!