Insider 03-21-2017

For years, our devoted readers have wondered what lies beyond the shores of western Immoren. If you’re anything like me, you’ve pored over every published book, article, and model entry to learn everything you could about the mysterious continent of Zu, first mentioned in the Iron Kingdoms Character Guide. We’ve said very little in our books about what lies in that new land, waiting for when we felt the time was right to pull back the curtain.

Well, that time begins now.

March’s No Quarter #71 features the latest installment of “Iron Kingdoms Uncharted,” which focuses on the Zuese city of Konesta, the first (and currently only) port Immorese sailors have come in contact with. While only the proverbial tip of the iceberg to a much grander part of our setting, this unprecedented article offers an introduction to the multi-faceted peoples, religions, and culture of Konesta.

Sailors have observed small temples outside this district scattered across the city, and these temples are the ones that the Zuese allow outsiders to visit and observe their minor rituals. The small temples are made of a rough, hewn stone with some ornamentation on the outer walls. Several have a depiction of a masked figure and what appears to be waves radiating from it to smaller people below worked somewhere into their design. Scholars have debated and theorized the significance of this deity while theologians, both Morrowan and Menite, have concluded that must be a depiction of Menoth himself.

While written as part of our RPG content, this is the type of article WARMACHINE and HORDES players will want to check out for possible glimpses of the future. What’s more, this “Uncharted” is not the only Zu content in this issue—but I’ll save the other secrets for publication date. Needless to say, Zu will play an important part in our future setting, both as a source of new wonders and of ever-expanding conflicts.