Fridays Unleashed 12-12-2104

Last week we looked at the four plastic hero figures in the Iron Kingdoms Unleashed Roleplaying Game Adventure Kit. The Adventure Kit also includes 10 plastic figures for the bad guys. The adventure’s enemies are the farrow warlord Morrg and his army of brigands. In the box you’ll get four farrow brigands armed with rifles, two farrow slaughterhousers armed with polearms, two razor boar warbeasts, Warlord Morrg himself, and his second-in-command Knor.

The farrow are scavengers, and Morrg has a particular affinity for human technology. Morrg’s brigands carry human rifles and are especially dangerous in an adventure where ranged weaponry is limited.

One of the reasons farrow brigands were selected as antagonists for the adventure kit is that connection to the civilized world of the Iron Kingdoms. Farrow inhabit the badlands at the fringes of human society and have many opportunities to scavenge weapons and equipment. The guns make these farrow particularly deadly and present a different kind of challenge from the rest of Morgg’s melee-focused warband.

The slaughterhousers are the elite melee infantry of Morrg’s warband. They lead bands of brigands as cruel taskmasters, enforcing their warlord’s commands. The weapons they carry further reinforce the scavenging nature of the farrow. The slaughterhousers’ crude weapons are basically butcher knives attached to long poles, but the models reflect a poise and experience that implies these warriors are more deadly than rag-tag.

In the adventure kit, the slaughterhousers are definitely more challenging than the normal brigands. They act as mid-level threats to the PCs and great foils for characters like Zocha and Gullin, who need to get in close to finish them off.

Though they’re not the most powerful warbeasts available to the farrow, razor boars are nasty little creatures. In Morrg’s warband there are numerous razor boars, which are used like hunting hounds (or junkyard hogs!). As both a farrow chief and a warlock, Morrg reserved the two biggest and baddest razor boars for himself. Caldon and Crommen are known through the Blackmarsh Valley for their ferocity—and their fondness for eating pygs.

In the adventure kit, players have the opportunity to encounter normal razor boars and those that have become Morrg’s personal warbeasts. This was done to show newer players the dramatic difference in power between a standard creature and one that’s been bonded to a warlock. Introducing the normal version first also allowed us to showcase the abilities of characters like Longchops and Lurk, who have careers that focus on interaction with creatures.

Knor is Morrg’s right-hand farrow. A bone grinder who has a personal history with several of the PCs, Knor is a cruel and vicious farrow with no reservations about grinding captives into a useful paste. He’s just as dangerous as Morrg and perhaps the more intelligent of the two farrow. Knor is happy to let his “master” do most of the dirty work of running things while he stays safely in the background—not unlike Lurk, in fact.

Knor represents a different kind of bone grinder. He’s less feral and more clinical, a monstrous doctor-type. A glove of stitched farrow hide covers one of his hands to keep it clean while he chops up his latest prize. His grisly leather apron has numerous knives and saws useful in his work. He contrasts sharply with Lurk, a bone grinder who relies on old and wild traditions, while Knor’s systematic approach is nearer to alchemy, just with more blood and guts.

The meanest farrow of the bunch, Morrg is a warlock and mercenary who has brought together a small army of farrow to do his bidding. As a mercenary he has spent significant time in untamed wilderness on Cygnar’s border, selling his services to the highest bidder. Now he’s made a bid for control of the Blackmarsh Valley, and everyone else is in his way.

Like Gullin, Morrg clads himself in human trappings as a way of separating himself from the rank-and-file farrow under his command. His design showcases the connection between the farrow and the civilized world. His weapon, a blunderbuss-axe hybrid, exemplifies the warlord’s approach to battle—loud, over the top, and incredibly violent. If there’s one thing Morrg likes, it’s when his plans come to fruition with a bang.