Forge Your Company of Iron Winners

After working through a significant number of amazing entries, we have determined the winners of the Forge Your Company of Iron contest. Reading the stories and poring over the various alternate paint schemes and conversions was a fantastic treat for the holidays.

First up is an honorable mention for James Lesko's "Syvash's Spectres":

Retribution of Scyrah - Syvash Spectres
Narn, Mage Hunter of Ios - Commander
Soulless Voidtracer
Spears of Scyrah
Mage Hunter Infiltrators

No one really *knows* Narn, not on a personal level at least. But any Mage Hunter worth their salt sure has heard of him. An unparalleled killer of human wizards vaulting over their bodyguards to plunge his blades into his target’s heart and leaping away from any retaliation. A living legend...

James' story was fun to read, and his Company turned out fantastic!


Next, we have the first of our second-place winners:

Dillon Wilson's "The Pallid Doctrine":

Mercenaries - The Pallid Doctrine
Howell Bell (Harlan Versh) - Commander
Hendrik the Scribe (Ogrun Bokur)
Pryce Howard, Ludwig the Elder, Gertrude Long (Thorn Gun Mages)
Morris, Herkimer, Crieghton (Tactical Arcanist Corps)

"When you speak to the Order or Illumination about 'The Pallid Doctrine' and its merits, they hush you out of their stone churches. To the Order, 'The Pallid Doctrine' is only a mad man's ramblings, with no basis in reality..."

Dillon's story, combined with the aesthetic of his force, made The Pallid Doctrine pop into a number of our judges' top 3 lists.


Andreas AG Graae's "Birgit Greystone's Depth Delvers":

Mercenaries - Depth Delvers
Hammerfall High Shield Gun Corps - Commander (Birgit Greystone)
A.S.S nr.4 (Grundback Blaster)
Tactical Arcanist Corps
Gundar (Gobber Tinker)

Stationed in the city of Corvis, the Depth Delvers mining crew is a very dedicated excavation team. Searching for rare minerals, lost treasures, or whatever their clients are asking for, they will go where no one else dares (or is stupid enough) to mine...

Andreas did an amazing job in bringing his vision to his company; those candles and beards are sculpted!


For our Grand Prize winner, we knew we were hoping for something special...

...and we got it!

David Schultz's "The Hot Shots":

Minions - Hot Shots
(Mire) Converted Croak Hunter - Commander
Croak Raiders
Kwaak Slickspine & Gub
(Muck) Converted Splatter Boar

Deep in the heart of the Shattered Spine Islands just south of the Skorne Empire live the largest and oldest most respected tribe of Anura--or Croaks, as most call them.

The chieftain of this great tribe is a wise and ancient warrior of old named Gurluk. Gurluk has led his people for many generations and has now aged to the point of setting aside his crown and stepping down. Of course, the crown would go to one of his two sons, Muck and Mire. Unlike other cultures that make the firstborn son heir, in Croak culture dictates the crown would only go to the offspring most fit to lead, thus creating Gurluk's dilemma...

David's conversions, paint job, and story made his Company top every judge's list and run away with our imaginations!

A giant round of applause and thank you to everyone who entered, and congratulations to our winners! We'll be in contact soon after the holidays to work out prizes and details. This was an awesome contest to run, and we hope to do something similar again in the future!

Read more about the Forge Your Company of Iron Contest here.