CONsider 03-01-2017

So many important dates coming up! March 6th is the start of Community Integrated Development; March 13th sees the Privateer crew headed to GAMA.

March 20th is my birthday, in case you want to get me a present.

March 22nd gets the crew back on the road to AdeptiCon. But one date in particular holds my attention like no other: July 14th. Day One of Lock & Load.

And now I have two more to add to this list of awesome dates. March 15th will be the day I get to unveil the schedule of events for Lock & Load—when you’ll get to see what I have been working on behind the scenes to set up. Many new specifics have been added to the lineup, and a number of favorites mark their return. The second date, March 29th, is the day event registration goes live. You may wonder, why the gap between events being revealed and registration going live? Well, that way, everyone has time to plan out their show and make arrangements to get in on the events they want to. And as we get closer to the March 29th deadline, I will also make sure everyone has the exact time the events will go live.

So, what will be revealed on March 15th?

Lock & Load 2017 sees the world release of Grymkin: the Wicked Harvest. These dark dwellers of myth escape the hells of Urcaen to wreak havoc on the lands of Menoth’s Law. Be among the first to unleash the newest addition to the HORDES lineup in the Iron Arena or sign up to play against a member of our staff (each of whom will be fielding a new Grymkin force) on Sunday in our live-streamed staff scrambles. Can you withstand the horror the Old Witch has set free, especially when guided by the hand of Lead Developer Jason Soles?

Next up, Community Integrated Development done live. By Lock & Load, everyone will be familiar with the process of CID, but at Lock & Load, you get the chance to playtest alongside Development Team Lead Will “Oz” Schoonover, Playtest Coordinator Jack Coleman, Lead Developer Jason Soles, and newest recruit Development Assistant Will Pagani. While I can’t reveal what you will be playtesting just yet, it does promise to give you a chance to get down and dirty—that is, if you don’t freeze up.

For those following the Crossroads of Courage, you know the fate of Holden is being determined at Lock & Load. We’re creating a massive new table for the event, and the teams of players will be put through a number of tests conjured by Organized Play Developer Will Hungerford and Writing Manager Matt Goetz. This happens Friday and will be live-streamed for the audience abroad. Saturday, Holden’s fate is realized, as Chief Creative Officer Matt Wilson, Concept Artist Nate Feyma, and Staff Writer Doug Seacat host a Design Holden Live Hangout. Everyone at the hangout will get to participate in the creation of a brand-new model based on the narrative league and the results of the event from the night before.

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You'll need a badge to be able to register for events on March 29th. If you haven't gotten your badge yet for Lock and Load 2017, what are you waiting for? Head on over and pick one up today!