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As some of you may know, I’m writing the final book in the Acts of War Trilogy, and it marks a bit of a departure from the previous two books in the way I’ll be writing it. The third volume, titled Stormbreak, continues the adventures of Lord General Coleman Stryker, Major Asheth Magnus, and Marshal Ashlynn d’Elyse (among others) as they battle to free Llael from the yoke of Khadoran oppression. What’s different about this whole thing is that you, the reader, have a chance to decide the fates of our heroes.

Hello, everyone, and happy New Year! For my first Insider of 2019, I’d like to tell you a bit about the concept art process for the MiniCrate exclusive model Raggedy Mandy. As an alternate model for the Ragman, the spin on this model was to turn her into a creepy doll with a nod to a toy that shares a similar-sounding name.  Adding a little bit of a Victorian era spin, I worked up the following rough sketches.

As we close the book on 2018, I want to take one last moment to express my gratitude to everyone who has made another year possible for Privateer Press.

The end (of the year) is near, and as the Privateer Press staffers prepare themselves for the year to come, we have much more to look forward to as well as much to reflect back upon. Monsterpocalypse roared to life in 2018, Riot Quest is on the horizon, Lock & Load is both six months behind us and six months ahead, and looming over much of it are the Infernals that are making their way to the Iron Kingdoms at this very moment. When Oblivion comes next year, the world will never be the same. Never. You can bet your soul on it.

Privateer Press was founded by artists who shared a great love for fantasy and science-fiction artwork. The worlds they created and the games that grew out of them have always been driven by a passion for visual creation. The very first book Privateer published—Book I of the Witchfire Trilogy: The Longest Night—received the EN World gold awards for Best Interior and Best Cover artwork for an RPG product for the year it was released, establishing the company as visionary creative studio.

In this week’s Insider, I’ll be discussing the MiniCrate exclusive alternate version of Lanyssa Ryssyl, Nyss Sorceress: the Ice Queen.

Today we are pushing live all the changes from the Skorne CID cycle.

Living With the Monsterpocalypse

Chapter 5 – A DARK SUN RISES

John Pressman, Big World News Network

The next epic WARMACHINE narrative begins next month, and once again, this tale will be shaped by all of you! Just as Crossroads of Courage put Holden’s fate in your hand, this time the fate of Llael itself is under your control. The next season of Organized Play will encompass three events that are all tied into the “Stormbreak” storyline, the third installment of the Acts of War series detailing Cygnar’s efforts to liberate Llael from its Khadoran occupiers, with the player results from each event shaping the final outcome.

Oh no! The Terrasaurs are coming…to the rescue!

Ha ha! Ah, Protector jokes.

The Monsterpocalypse kicked off with an alien invasion of the Earth, and the month of December adds even more extraterrestrials to the mix. Unlike the in-your-face style of the Planet Eaters, however, their fellow Destroyers of the Martian Menace favor subtlety and manipulation in order to achieve victory.

This past year saw the rise of an all-new Monsterpocalyse, the release of the Crucible Guard, and some of the biggest models ever produced for WARMACHINE and HORDES. Lock & Load moved to a new venue with unanimous approval, we smashed cities and fortress walls in amazing Organized Play events, awarded the winner of the Iron Gauntlet World Championship an actual iron gauntlet, and leveled up hobby enthusiasts all around the world with a constant stream of Get Your Paint On! And those are just a few of the highlights.

In this week’s Insider, I’ll discuss the concept art development process for the MiniCrate models for the Legend of the Five Rings’ characters and showing previews of the miniatures in progress!

The Dawnguard Trident has swooped into the Black Anchor Heavy Industries production lines and is now up for preorder! I’d like to show off one of my favorite lists I played when testing this model: Ossyan in the Legions of Dawn theme force.

The Monsterpocalypse is now fully upon us!

Monsterpocalypse was released at the beginning of October with starters for the two agendas and blisters to support the two factions that launched the game. These products allowed players to get their first taste of the game and play a full 1-vs.-1 monster game, but as more products are released for the game, the experience of playing Monsterpocalypse gets deeper and deeper.

A Butcher’s Holiday, a Parable

by Douglas Seacat

No one asked to be assigned to Kommander Orsus Zoktavir’s forces. Or at least, so Lieutenant Nikhil Telmienov thought, no sane person would make such a request. Certainly, he never would have dreamed of doing such a thing. These were some of the thoughts occupying his mind not long after being transferred to join the strange and dour men and women who served the Butcher of Khardov.

Of Dust and Ash

by Matt Goetz


A hateful wind from the east scoured the Bloodstone Marches, bringing with it the tingling ozone of the Stormlands. Bursts of lightning flashed amid the roiling clouds of dust. Any wise creature chose to huddle in the shelter of caves or the leeward side of large rocks, lest they risk the whipping sands might strip away their very skin.

Hey, Hobbyists!

Today I plan to showcase how I made the base for my Railless Interceptor (due out in November on Black Friday). I used this same process for all of the other bases I’ve placed my Crucible Guard on. For the purpose of this tutorial, I’ve broken this process down into four simple steps. 

We’ve got just a couple days left to go with our LEVEL 7 [OMEGA PROTOCOL] second edition Kickstarter campaign, and we’re looking forward to finishing up the work on it and getting it off to the manufacturer as expeditiously as possible.