Zombies Keep Out Developer Diary Two

Privateer Press has released quite a bit of information about Zombies Keep Out thus far. One need only visit privateerpress.com/zko for a wealth of information about the game, including the game trailer and a game tutorial video. Today, we’re adding the full rulebook for Zombies Keep Out to the game’s webpage and to the PP Digital app.

If you had any lingering questions after watching the tutorial video, the rulebook should be able to take care of them for you.

One of my favorite parts of the Zombies Keep Out rulebook is a very simple thing: the easier and harder games section. This isn’t something that’s unique to Zombies Keep Out, but it provides players with a degree of control over the game’s difficulty and allows the game to appeal to an extremely wide audience.

The base experience provided by some cooperative games is so challenging that it makes it difficult to play with younger gamers or casual gamers without making certain game decisions for them. On the other hand, some cooperative games are so easy that there’s simply no challenge for a group of hardcore strategy gamers who sit down to play.

By adjusting the quantity of barricades at each location at the start of the game, you can tailor the experience to the casual crowd or to the hardcore crowd quite readily. Personally, I lean toward “hard mode” more often than not, and it’s what I would recommend to a group of WARMACHINE and HORDES players who want to get in a game of Zombies Keep Out. The standard mode is fine for your first game or two, but then it’s time to dial up the difficulty a bit. You’ve also got access to “easy mode” and “impossible mode” as needed to cover groups at the extremes who want a laidback learning sort of game or a truly punishing one that brooks no mistakes whatsoever.

As useful as it is to adjust the game’s difficulty to better suit the current players, that’s not the only way to shake up your Zombies Keep Out experience. The upcoming No Quarter Magazine #54 has several different game variants that range from the challenging to the truly zany. The “extreme zombies” variant is a personal favorite of mine, and it’s a good fit for our WARMACHINE and HORDES crowd.

A unique element of this upcoming article is the zombie photo shoot representing the acquisition of bite tokens in Zombies Keep Out. No Quarter Editor-in-Chief Mike Ryan spearheaded this effort, and it wound up being a very entertaining experience. You’ll definitely want to check out No Quarter Magazine #54 for additional zombie pictures, but here are a few shots that didn’t make it into the article.

Get Your Zombie On,