Resin and white metal repackage

Hailed as the ultimate Khadoran warjack, the Behemoth exemplifies the best qualities of Khadoran design: extremely heavy armor, a devastating array of weaponry, and immense strength. This peerless warjack is as much a symbol to the Khadoran people of their power as it is a force of destruction to any who would stand against it.

SPECIAL NOTE: PIP 33036 now contains both resin and metal parts. The resin and metal model in PIP 33036 is the same model and looks the same as the previous all metal model. The resin and metal model replaces the previous all metal model. The previous all metal model is no longer available from Privateer Press. International distributors interested in the resin and metal version of this product must order from Privateer Press directly.

3D Rotation
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Product Information
Character Heavy Warjack
Base Size: 
PIP Code: 
Model Materials: 
Resin & White Metal
Model Count: 
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