‘WARMACHINE: Prime Mk II’ Wins Top Honors at RPC

Bellevue, WA , April 30, 2010—Privateer Press’ WARMACHINE: Prime Mk II was voted best Table Top and Miniatures game product at RPC 2010 in Cologne, Germany April 18. With tens of thousands of fans in attendance over two days, the RPC is Germany’s pre-eminent fantasy gaming event. WARMACHINE: Prime Mk II was chosen in an open vote by attendees out of five finalists in the tabletop category.

The RPC Fantasy Awards, which were open to all German translated products published in 2009 or in January or February 2010, was a first for RPC and spanned nearly every game genre, from miniatures games to RPGs to video games. The German translation of Prime Mk II was done by Privateer Press’ distribution partners Ulisses Spiel.

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WARMACHINE and HORDES are the critically acclaimed tabletop games of miniatures combat designed by game industry veteran Matt Wilson and placed in the award-winning setting of the Iron Kingdoms. WARMACHINE was first released in 2003 and has won several awards, including Gamers' Choice Best Miniatures of the Year and Game of the Year at the 2006 Origins Awards. HORDES, first released in 2006, was named Miniatures Game of the Year at the 2007 Origins Awards and is one of the fastest-growing miniatures games on the market.