War Room, the first official utility app for WARMACHINE and HORDES, is coming to iOS and Android devices this summer! Here are some answers to your frequently asked questions.

How will the Convergence of Cyriss deck be made available in War Room?

The Convergence of Cyriss deck will be included in the Ultimate Bundle, and will also be available separately for $4.99. After the Convergence deck releases, the WARMACHINE Bundle will be altered to include the Convergence deck. The price of the WARMACHINE Bundle will be adjusted to $39.99 to reflect the addition of the Convergence deck.

I have a technical support question or a bug to report. Who do I contact?

Email [email protected].

How much will the War Room app cost?

War Room will be free to download from both the Apple Store and Android Marketplace. The download will include stat cards for all current WARMACHINE and HORDES battlegroup boxes and the WARMACHINE Two-Player Battle Box. Players will be able to purchase full faction decks for $6.99 that include all currently released stat cards for that faction. In addition, purchased faction decks will be updated with the stat card for each new faction model on the model’s release day.

What cards are included in the free download?

The free download includes all the stat cards from WARMACHINE: Prime and HORDES: Primal. It also includes model stat cards from the WARMACHINE Two-Player Battle Box and a special selection of Mercenary, Minion, and Retribution of Scyrah models.

Will there be discounts for purchasing faction decks in bulk?

Privateer Press will be offering three special bundles for users who wish to purchase multiple decks. The WARMACHINE bundle will include the decks for the seven WARMACHINE factions for $39.99. The HORDES bundle will include the decks for the five HORDES factions for $29.99. The Ultimate bundle includes all decks for both WARMACHINE and HORDES for $59.99.

Will faction decks contain Mercenary or Minion cards that work for that faction? Will Mercenary and Minion decks contain cards for Ally units or non-Mercenary or Minion units that are allowed as part of specific Theme Forces or Contracts?

Players who wish to field Mercenaries or Minions in their armies will need to purchase the Mercenary or Minion faction deck. Those faction decks will include the stat cards for Ally units and for non-Mercenary and Minion units that are allowed as part of specific Theme Forces or Contracts.

Will models that are both Mercenaries and Minions be included in both Mercenary and Minion decks?

Yes. If a model can be fielded as a Mercenary and a Minion, that model's stat card will be included in Mercenary and Minion decks.

How soon will cards for new models become available?

New cards will become available on the day of their corresponding model's release or upon release of the expansion book in which it is included, whichever comes first.

Will League model cards be kept active indefinitely or only during the duration of that League?

League model cards will remain indefinitely available via War Room but will still only be legal for use during their corresponding league.

Will I be able to transfer my faction deck purchases between devices, or will I be required to purchase decks for each device?

You will create an account when you first get the app, and all your unlocked factions will be tied to that account rather than to the device you’re using. This means each faction you’ve purchased will be available on all your devices carrying the app, provided you're logged in.

Do I need to purchase faction decks to build army lists?

You can build army lists from any cards that are unlocked on your device. If you want to build an army from models outside of the cards included in the free download, you will need to purchase the appropriate faction decks.

Will I be able to access army lists I create on one device from a different device?

An update, 1.0.84, is pending which will sync lists between devices.

When playing a game with another War Room user, will I be able to see the stat cards for his list even if I haven’t purchased the deck for that faction?

Yes. All cards and rules are present in all installs, and you’ll be able to see the cards in your opponent’s army for the duration of your game.

Will War Room require Wi-Fi™ to create and join games? Will Bluetooth® or field communication be supported?

The only time you need to be online is to update content or play multiplayer. All other functionality works locally with the latest updated data on the device. Multiplayer use will require an online connection, whether Wi-Fi or from your phone’s service provider. Because we’ll be offering War Room on multiple platforms, no Bluetooth or near-field communication is supported.

Our development shop consists of experienced game developers and they have made sure the app is as optimized and streamlined as possible, resulting in minimal data usage. The service is hosted on servers that boast 99.9% up-time and dynamic scalabilty based on usage, so the online component will be extremely reliable.

What happens if a device fails during the game? Is all the information lost?

During games, the game data will be continually synced to the servers until the game is finished. This allows you to play a game over time, and if a device dies you can later pick back up where you left off.

Will War Room’s user interface be tailored to maximize screen space on different devices?

We want every user’s experience to be the best it can be, so handheld devices and tablets will get different UI treatments to present the amount of data that’s as usable and comfortable as possible.

Will I be able to print lists I create in War Room?

Lists can't be printed directly, but they can be emailed.

Will I be able to copy my opponent’s list for review after a match?

If you have the faction deck your opponent is using, you can copy his list for later perusal. Otherwise, you have access to the stat cards for his list until the game ends.

Does War Room feature a collection manager?

No, this is not a feature of the core War Room app.